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Who is Michael Saylor? A Bitcoin Love Story!

“Bitcoin; is a swarm of cyber wasps serving the goddess of wisdom, fueled by the fire of truth, growing exponentially smarter, faster, and stronger behind a wall of cryptic energy.” Who is Michael Saylor, who lost 6 billion dollars, which he earned with great efforts, in one night with the bursting of the Dot-com bubble, and who has become the world's largest Bitcoin bull in the past and has made it a hobby to direct cyber wasps?

Who is Michael Saylor?

Born in 1965 in Nebraska, America, as a military boy, he spent his childhood living on various US Air Force bases around the world. Saylor, who had a serious interest in technology and math when he was younger, says the two lead "people to make better choices." After graduating from high school as both freshman and class president, he completed aeronautics and astronautics at MIT with a full military scholarship. In addition, he received education in science, technology and society and graduated with a double diploma. In the process, he saw how computer simulation technology was applied to public policy and business strategy. This situation got him very excited and he even wrote a thesis about it. Saylor, who did not stay away from his hobbies during this period, started playing guitar in a rock band at university and learned how to fly a glider.

Step by Step on the Career Path

Graduated with the highest honors from MIT in '87, Saylor worked for the government and became a Second Lieutenant in the Air Force. Afterwards, he joined the armed forces without delay. He focused on creating computer simulations to support strategic decision making in various companies and formally began his consulting career. At the age of 24, he combined his passion for technology, a love of business and, of course, his passion for the use of computer simulations to launch MicroStrategy, which will pioneer a new approach to business intelligence, which he didn't know will grow steadily and go public in 9 years. In 1998, the company went public and became a global leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software, serving thousands of organizations worldwide.

Entrepreneurial Genius

In 1999, he founded the Saylor Foundation, which has donated millions of dollars to causes such as child health, refugee relief, education, environmental protection, and support for the arts. The foundation runs Saylor Academy, which offers education courses to students around the world, from psychology to art history to economics. That same year, in 1999, MicroStrategy became one of the most valuable companies on Wall Street, with Saylor himself the richest person in Washington. Afterwards, the so-called economic bubble burst with the great depreciation of the stocks and lost 6 billion dollars in a single night. In 2012, “Mobile Wave: How Mobile Intelligence Will Change Everything?” He wrote the book and became a best seller. He founded, a technology company that provides services such as remote control and home automation. He also created one of the first cloud companies, He later sold this company for $110 million in 2013. In the same year, “Bitcoin’s days are numbered. It seems only a matter of time before it suffers the same fate as online gambling.” said, but in 2020, with a 180-degree change of mind, he became one of the most enthusiastic advocates of digital assets, and MicroStrategy became one of the companies with the highest Bitcoin reserves.

Michael Saylor's Bankruptcy

The basic principles of MicroStrategy – or Saylor's point of view – stayed pretty much the same for years until we got here. Because he knows better than anyone how short the stock fortune can be. Twenty-one years ago, during the Dot-com boom, MicroStrategy lost billions of dollars, on top of fraud charges and the company nearly collapsed. Therefore, until last year, when a decentralized digital currency came to the agenda, it did not compromise its traditional structure and even opposed it. In March 2020, realizing that he should not be holding any more cash, he started researching to find the most logical solution to this problem.


For this reason, on August 11, 2020, he converted all of the company's cash to Bitcoin. In fact, this amount of cash would have been insufficient, as he borrowed more than $ 2 billion just to increase his investment in crypto money during this period. “One day billions of people will hold digital value, when that time comes, we want to be there before billions of people,” he said in an interview. said. The reason why he was so connected to this system was the technology network and its potential. At this point, for Saylor, the difference of Bitcoin from other technology networks such as Apple or Facebook is that it is a pure technology network that is not connected to anywhere, that is, independent of authority. In September, Michael Saylor announced that he had purchased 5,050 additional Bitcoins on behalf of MicroStrategy. Thus, the company's total reserves exceeded 114,000 Bitcoin levels. He also has about 18,000 Bitcoins in his wallet.

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