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What is P2E? Blockchain Based P2E Games

In P2E, desktop or mobile games, players earn rewards such as points, coins, virtual money as a result of their tasks. With the emergence of P2E games, these prizes won in the virtual environment can be converted into real money. This business model allowed users to earn additional income by playing games. In this article, you can find the answer to the question of what is P2E.

What is a Blockchain Based Game?

With the development of the game industry in the world and the widespread use of blockchain technology, game developers have started to integrate into blockchain technology. By using the blockchain infrastructure, it is aimed to provide users with a rich gaming experience and to benefit from blockchain technologies. In blockchain-based games, the assets that users create and earn in the game are stored in the blockchain. In this way, players truly own the assets they have earned. Since the blocks in the blockchain are immutable, there is no question of deleting the data of the players. Between blockchain-based games, it is possible for users to move their assets. Blockchain technology facilitates asset transfers between players and saves player-earned values ​​in blocks. In blockchain-based games, the probability of cheating is low as the transactions are auditable on the blockchain. At the same time, players are offered the opportunity to earn income by using the P2E business model in blockchain-based games.

What is P2E (Play to Earn) Game?

Play to earn works with the earning system as you play. Players can both have fun and create an income model by playing games as a hobby. Users can earn coins to earn income by playing regular games. Project developers create a marketing method by publishing their games in accordance with this business model. Although the Play to earn business model has existed for a long time, it has started to be implemented more with the increase in the use of blockchain technology and the spread of cryptocurrencies.

How P2E Games Work

Players can be rewarded with the P2E business model according to the time they spend in the game. Users can earn in-game cryptocurrencies by completing tasks set in the game. There are also NFTs in P2E games. These NFTs consist of in-game characters or materials such as cards in the game. Players can earn income by earning these NFTs.


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