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What is Hodl?

As the crypto money market continues to grow day by day, it is inevitable to experience some concepts and situations such as the emerging market. The first of these is the concept called "hodl". The story of the emergence of this concept, which is known and used in a very valuable sense in Bitcoin markets, is quite different. Since it is a concept that has been used since 2013, it continues to increase its awareness.

What Does Hodl Mean?

It has emerged from a word written as "hold" in English and used as an equivalent with the meaning of holding. For this reason, it is basically considered as making sure that your investment will be valued in bitcoin transactions. An investor who said he would hodl said:

1. He will not sell no matter what happens in the market,

2. He thinks that what he has will be appreciated,

3. He may have wanted to say he wanted to take risks.

For this reason, the investor who uses this term generally does not sell what he has.

What is the Story?

An entrepreneur commenting on bitcoin and investments posted on a forum in 2013. He shared "I am Hodling" to explain that the bitcoins in his hand will be appreciated and therefore will not sell no matter what. The term appeared after this error.

Although the mistake was to write the word hodl instead of the word hold, this concept was loved and took a place in the literature. From this point on, every investor who wants to explain that he will hold an investment has chosen to explain himself briefly by using this phrase. That's why he was so loved.

Profitable Investment Message

Someone who uses the word hodl means to express that he is expecting a large amount of profit, even if it is not valid for the moment. For this reason, a bitcoin investor who says he has hodl will not think of selling his holdings definitively.


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