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What is HafizeBot?

HafizeBot is an artificial intelligence designed with neural network and trained with machine learning using more than 240+ components. Its purpose is to scan and examine hundreds of cryptocurrencies very quickly, to detect unusual situations and to notify users by generating signals when it predicts that they can make a profit.

Users can contact HafizeBot via telegram to view the documents, send a message to the developer team, register automatically or get information about VIP, and set autotrader settings if they are VIP members.

Note: In order to perform these operations, you must have a telegram username. Otherwise, HafizeBot will send you an error message to set a telegram username.

Advantages of HafizeBot

In cases where human psychology comes into play, it prevents panic selling and buying by making trades. It saves you time by analyzing hundreds of cryptocurrencies instantly. It allows you to make a profit by automatically opening a position on the buy and sell signals it produces. These transactions are fully automatic and the profit/loss status, trading quantities and prices are notified by HafizeBot by sending a message to you. HafizeBot works 24/7, allowing you to earn money while you sleep. It can be difficult to catch the entry price given by the bot when entering the signals manually, so using automatic trading provides the opportunity to open positions from the peaks and deeps that people cannot catch.

Now join our public channel to see the advantages.

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