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What Is DeFi (Decentralization Finance)?

The formation with the potential to create new financial markets, services and products is called Decentralization Finance, or DeFi for short. This financial application built on blockchain networks has a large ecosystem. “What is Defi?” To give a clear answer to the question, it would be correct to say transparent financial services flow, which is a resource open to everyone's use.

Advantages of DeFi

"What is Defi, what is its place in the cryptocurrency market?" In order to answer such questions, it is necessary to examine the advantages of DeFi. The advantages of DeFi to users are as follows;

Users can control their assets themselves.

It provides ease of access to financial services.

There is no need for an arbitrator to settle disputes between the parties. The codes are arranged to solve all kinds of problems.

DeFi is an important trend that enables individuals to receive a wide range of financial services by reducing costs.

Why DeFi Is On The Agenda

Bitcoin and ethereum have been among the cryptocurrencies preferred by many users for years. DeFi, which has gained popularity recently, makes a great contribution especially to new projects.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) provides financial access to users who need a reliable intermediary. It is located in a full-fledged capital market valley as it is also powered by blockchain technology. One of the features that brings DeFi to the agenda is the fact that it offers access to financial services to people with other disabilities. Today, with DeFi, ambitious attempts have been made to decentralize financial use in needs such as buying, selling, investing, lending, credit, and budget management.

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