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What is All Time High? ATH Concept in Cryptocurrencies

It is an abbreviation formed from the initials of the phrase All Time High. It is used to express the highest price or market value in the history of Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency. By date means the time a Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency was priced and first listed on a trading platform, not as of the time it was created.

An all-time high price of a crypto-asset is perceived as positive for the value, awareness and potential of that crypto-asset. When this value is exceeded in the future and a new record level is reached, this data is updated and the ATH for the relevant cryptocurrency is referred to with this new value.

How to Tell if a Cryptocurrency Makes ATH?

An investor can view all recorded ATH values by viewing the price chart as of the first start date that Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency was priced through a tool he uses to monitor price charts. In addition, for each cryptocurrency, they can access the ATH value from the price statistics column of the cryptocurrency they choose from the Coin Market Cap website.

Investors, if they follow the current price data for the cryptocurrency they evaluate their investments, will realize that it has reached the highest value of all time, both from themselves and from the news they follow.

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