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What is Airdrop? Why is Airdrop Used in the Cryptocurrency Industry?

Widespread use, listing on more trading platforms and reaching more users is the biggest and most important goal when creating a cryptocurrency. The relevant cryptocurrency can only gain value in this way. For this purpose, cryptocurrency developers or service and service providers in the cryptocurrency industry sometimes perform an airdrop, or distribution program, as a marketing activity. In this article, you can find useful information such as what is the airdrop and why it is done by following the announcement and distribution process of cryptocurrency investors.

What is Airdrop in Cryptocurrency Industry?

Airdrop is a reward system performed by distribution programs, cryptocurrency trading platforms, cryptocurrency developer companies, network administrators or wallet service providers. The developer team or company that performs the airdrop distributes either the same cryptocurrency or a new cryptocurrency or token to be created in the network of this cryptocurrency by rewarding the existing users of this cryptocurrency at a certain rate.

There may be malicious people who contact for fraudulent purposes using the airdrop system. Users should manage their risks to avoid being trapped by this method. In an airdrop program, users are not charged a fee or a cryptocurrency transfer. Usually, the setup of the program is made in such a way that users who keep a certain amount of cryptocurrencies in their wallets can benefit. However, different conditions may be offered in different airdrop systems. Users who want to get information about the airdrop and evaluate it can read the website of the company that will make the airdrop, the terms and conditions offered, and the risk statement. Airdrop can also be done through a cryptocurrency trading platform. The user can make these risk assessments as well as the platform itself.

For What Purpose Is Airdrop Used In The Cryptocurrency Industry?

As in the meaning of the word, the definition of an airdrop, incoming, free prize, gift, promotion can be considered for airdrop. Thanks to this rewarding method, an effective promotion of the relevant cryptocurrency can be made and more users can be reached. It is a method used to promote a new entrant to the cryptocurrency market and to get more people to trade when they are listed on a cryptocurrency trading platform. It is a promotional activity for airdropping cryptocurrencies, which also aims to be listed on different trading platforms.


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