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What Does Delist Mean?

The event of removing a financial instrument from the platforms on which it is located is called delisting. A delisted financial asset is closed for trading on the platforms on which it was delisted. Trading platforms have the right to delist the financial assets they list. Delisting can happen for many reasons. Among the most basic reasons are insecurity, high cost and low volume.

What Happens to Delisted Assets and Cryptocurrencies?

The decision to delist a cryptoasset is made independently by the platforms on which it is listed. When cryptocurrencies are delisted from any platform, they are not delisted from other platforms where they are listed. Delisting is a process that the platforms on which the crypto asset takes place are carried out independently of each other. Cryptocurrency delisted from any platform can be transferred to another platform.

Why Delist a Cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency is delisted when it cannot meet the requirements of the platforms it is on. Delisting of a crypto-asset can happen for many reasons. Cryptocurrencies that cannot reach their old values ​​after excessive price fluctuations can create distrust. This situation causes that crypto asset to be evaluated less by users in trading transactions and its volume remains low. In such cases, it may be decided to delist the crypto asset by the platforms on which it is located. The people who developed the Cryptocurrency project; In cases such as failure to fulfill the promises made to users and trading platforms, problems in the operation of the project, delisting may still occur.


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