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What do artificial intelligence automated trading bots do?

Artificial Intelligence, also referred to by the acronym AI, refers to systems or machines that mimic human intelligence to perform tasks and can gradually improve itself with the information it collects. Artificial intelligence manifests itself in many forms. For example, chatbots that chat with you or bots that offer suggestions. Today, we're going to talk about bots that trade a financial instrument for you.

Think of artificial intelligence like a baby, babies have the ability to learn faster than us adults. In the light of the information you have taught, they try to distinguish between right and wrong. Artificial intelligences, like babies, can learn to distinguish between true and false in the light of the data we present to them. With this method, which is called machine learning, we train a computer program to give the answers we want, and the program that emerges at the end of the training becomes our artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence can be trained on a wide variety of subjects, the more complex a subject and the larger the data, the harder and longer the training process of artificial intelligence will be. Many of us have strategies we use when trading in financial markets. But what if we gave artificial intelligence the data necessary to create its own strategy, what would it look like?

HafizeBot is an artificial intelligence trained using machine learning, using more than 240 different elements such as mathematical formulas or indicators. Just like a baby, HafizeBot has learned and continues to learn what data and conditions it should use by making millions of trades on the Binance Futures market. HafizeBot artificial intelligence is in the learning phase, as new data is created every minute. Thus, it adjusts itself according to the changing market conditions and makes more accurate decisions.

How accurate decisions artificial intelligence makes shows how successful that artificial intelligence is. An artificial intelligence can never make 100% correct decisions, because an artificial intelligence trained to make 100% correct decisions is overfitted and can make very wrong decisions when unknown data comes, such as the volatility that will occur in the market. HafizeBot shares a monthly record of trading transactions, you can access these shares via this link. HafizeBot usually aims and hits above 90%+. But in the Feb 2022 report, it had an incredible accuracy of 99%.

Using a trained artificial intelligence, it is possible to make automatic trading and profit. HafizeBot users allow HafizeBot to trade for them by integrating their Binance accounts into the HafizeBot system. Thus, the highly accurate HafizeBot artificial intelligence enables users to enlarge their portfolio and earn profits by making hundreds of trades.

You can also see how artificial intelligence works and its accuracy by subscribing to the telegram channel, where trading signals are shared free of charge but with a delay of 20 minutes.


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