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Our story started 2 years ago. Hafizebot was a bot that a group of experienced traders and analysts wanted to use among themselves. In order for Hafizebot to become what it is today, an international team of experts from many different disciplines worked hard and developed Hafizebot by performing thousands of backtests and simulations.

The name of Hafizebot, whose name is a matter of curiosity, was inspired by the Hafize Mother character in the movie Hababam Sınıfı, which is respected by the art community in Turkey and loved by the public. The mother Hafize's motherhood, notifying the whole class of breaks by ringing the bell, and never leaving "her lambs" hungry with the soups she made inspired us as well. We remember him fondly.

We know that crypto currency market are very volatile, and unlike other markets, 24/7 trading brings with it many difficulties. We had to constantly analyze and monitor our positions day and night in order to choose which crypto money and which direction to invest in and determine the trading points. In addition, it brought with it extreme stress and fatigue. Our main goal has always been to find solutions to these problems and of course to provide passive income by making safe profits.

Hafizebot, which was limited to the immediate environment at first, was later made open to the public. Our telegram channel, which broadcast a signal on April 17, 2021, was opened to the public. It grew after users wanted to include them in the system by introducing them to their friends and sharing on Ekşi Sözlük and similar platforms. With the technical team developing Hafizebot, a customizable, consistent automatic trading cryptocurrency signal bot has emerged.

With the feedback of our members, Hafizebot was developed in such a way that it can trade automatically by communicating with Binance. On May 1, the automatic buy and sell module was added and programmed. System updates have been made for our users who want to take advantage of this automatic trading opportunity, and they are included in the Hafizebot family.

With the subsequent studies, more than 240 indicators and components were taken into account in order to produce more consistent signals by changing the signal forms, and an artificial intelligence was created using machine learning.

The interest in our automated trading bot, which only works integrated with Binance Global account, is increasing day by day. This interest brings with it positive feedback. With this feedback, Hafizebot continues to be developed and updated.

You can join our telegram channel, which is open to the public, by clicking this link, have an idea about Hafizebot, make a profit by following the signals, examine the excel tables where our performances in the previous months are shared, and learn how to use Hafizebot by reading our guides.

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