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How to Create a Binance API Key

So, what Exactly is an API Key?

According to the Google Dictionary, an API is: “a set of functions and procedures that allow you to create applications to access the functions or data of the operating system, applications, or other services."

An API key may be thought of as a username that's generated to permit access to knowledge. In this example, the exchange creates the Binance API and then transfers it to another application. The application can then import your data supported by the permissions you permitted for.

An API secret, also known as an API private key, is simply a password used in conjunction with an API key.

Why Do I Need to Link My Keys?

There are several advantages to connecting your Binance account (s) to an application like HafizeBot. You can let HafizeBot trades for you by entering your API keys created on Binance.

HafizeBot is an artificial intelligence designed with neural network and trained with machine learning using more than 240+ components. Its purpose is to scan and examine hundreds of cryptocurrencies very quickly, to detect unusual situations and to notify users by generating signals when it predicts that they can make a profit. But now let's get to work.

How to Get Your Binance API Keys (Steps):

Step 1: Generate Your Keys

1.1 Log in to your Binance account and click your profile.

1.2 Click on "API Management"

1.3 Enter a name for your key. In this example, we link it to HafizeBot application so that the name "HafizeBot" matches. Then click Create API.

Step 2: Confirm Your Request

2.1 You will get verification code both from email and SMS.

2.2 You should enter verification codes and you can see both the API key and the secret key just generated. Beware the secret key is only visible once.

2.3 You need to enable futures option to use your API keys with HafizeBot. To do that click edit restrictions button at the right corner. You also need to verify e-mail and SMS to save the changes.

Step 3: Enter Your Keys to HafizeBot

3.1 Write /applyforapi to @hafizebot on Telegram to get application form that you need to use autotrader.

3.2 You should copy and paste these keys you just generated on Binance to the application form.

3.3 After the application, write /formfilled command to @hafizebot and your API connection will be automatically aproved.


You can use your autotrader as you wish. Enjoy your profit messages sent from HafizeBot!

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