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How HafizeBot Autotrader works?

HafizeBot is an advanced and powerful artificial intelligence trained with large amounts of data. It scans hundreds of cryptocurrencies on Binance Futures and notifies users by message when it thinks it can make a profit. According to these messages, called signals, users make profits by trading cryptocurrencies. An example signal is shared below. It is possible to follow these signals for free with a delay of 20 minutes. Thousands of people earn from these signals despite the delay. You can use this link to access the free signal channel.

In addition, VIP members have the opportunity to trade automatically according to the signals we mentioned above. In order to benefit from this opportunity, VIP members first fill out a form and apply to use the API. Members who have successfully made API connections can make their own bot settings by contacting @hafizebot via telegram. For example, the bot is prepared by making settings such as the size of the position to be opened in the incoming signals, leverage, stop-loss. After the bot settings are made, it can be activated and used at any time.

If a signal is generated while the bot is active, the bot will also open a position on Binance on your behalf with the leverage and position size you set. Signals are opened by placing a Market order on Binance Futures. The purpose of this is to capture the signal instantly. However, a small amount of slippage may occur in the entry prices in market orders. As seen in the signal message above, target prices are also indicated in the signals. In addition to automatically opened positions, a closing order will also be opened as a limit order. Thus, when the signal reaches the target, your position opened on Binance will be closed with profit. If you have set a stop loss, the bot will also create a stop order. If the signal gets worse, it will limit your loss as a stop at the point you set.

The amount of your profit or loss will be sent to you on telegram via message. In this way, you will not have to spend time in the Binance application all the time and you will save time. When Hafizebot opens a position to you, it will message you the name, price, amount and order type of the cryptocurrency. When your position is closed, it will send you a message informing you of the profit/loss status.

You can filter the signals according to your own trading style. For example, if you do not want to enter short signals in a rising market, you can set the command “/setPositionSide LONGONLY” without quotes on the bot. For all other commands, please download and read the bot commands document by typing guides to @hafizebot on telegram.

Want to learn more about HafizeBot? You can visit home page, our free telegram channel or HafizeBot to get guides or reports of previous months. Also, you can try HafizeBot for 1 day free.


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