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HafizeBot Commands: Gain More Control Over Your Crypto Auto-Trading Experience

HafizeBot offers a wide range of commands that empower users to take control of their crypto auto-trading experience. With the ability to customize various settings such as position size, leverage, risk levels and more, HafizeBot users can create a trading strategy that suits their needs and preferences. In this blog post, we will explore the essential HafizeBot commands that you should know to maximize your trading experience.

Commands Overview:

Activate and Deactivate

Use the Activate command to allow HafizeBot to open positions based on received signals.

Use the Deactivate command to prevent HafizeBot from opening positions based on received signals.

Position Side Settings

Use /setPositionSide to specify the side for opening positions (LONGONLY, SHORTONLY or BOTH).

Use /myPositionSide to view your current position side setting.

Position Limit Settings

Use /setPositionLimit to set the maximum number of open positions.

Use /myPositionLimit to view your current position limit setting.

Stoploss Settings

Use /setStoploss to set a stoploss value between 0 and 100 (0 means no stop order).

Use /myStoploss to view your current stoploss setting.

Risk Settings

Use /setRisk to determine the risk level for entering signals.

Use /myRisk to view your current risk setting.

Position Size Settings

Use /setPositionSize to set the size of positions HafizeBot will open.

Use /myPositionSize to view your current position size setting.

Leverage Settings

Use /setLeverage to set your desired leverage.

Use /myLeverage to view your current leverage setting.

Margin Type Settings

Use /setMarginType to change your margin type (CROSSED or ISOLATED).

Use /myMarginType to view your current margin type setting.

Banning and Unbanning Coins

Use /banCoin to ban a specific coin.

Use /unbanCoin to unban a previously banned coin.

Use /banlist to view all banned coins.

Repeating Signals

Use /allowRepeatingSignals to control whether HafizeBot should re-enter repeating signals from the same coin.


Use /summary to receive a message that summarizes all your current settings.


HafizeBot offers a comprehensive set of commands, giving users full control over their crypto auto-trading experience. By understanding and utilizing these commands, you can customize your trading strategy to align with your preferences and risk tolerance. Harness the power of HafizeBot and take your crypto trading to new heights!


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