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Free AI Crypto Signals for Binance Futures

Today, in this blog post, we will tell you how you can use and access free artificial intelligence generated crypto signals.

First, let's talk about how these free AI crypto signals are generated. Artificial intelligence can be trained in many ways. Today, very advanced artificial intelligences can be created thanks to machine learning and neural network structures. Artificial intelligence cannot know the future, they can make predictions in percentage. An artificial intelligence, especially a model that will make you gain and lose, needs to work with high accuracy. In order for artificial intelligence to make healthy predictions, it must be trained against all conditions that the neural network may encounter.

In order for the artificial intelligence to make highly accurate predictions, we can give it data that it can take into account, this data can be from many different sources such as candlestick charts, price information, indicators, formations, news. As mentioned above, HafizeBot is trained for many timeframes using more than 240 indicators, formulas and components. This trained model is constantly updated as time passes and new data is created. Thus, the neural network model that adapts to new conditions can maintain its high accuracy.

Anyone can make an AI bot, the critical thing here is to get high accuracy working models with high data processing power. This requires high costs and long-term R&D studies.

For example, HafizeBot analyzes hundreds of cryptocurrencies on Binance Futures using more than 240 components for many timeframes every second. Calculating these components alone can take hours on a normal computer. HafizeBot performs both these calculations and passing it through the artificial intelligence model every second. Neural network outputs are shared on our Telegram channel as free AI crypto signals. These free AI crypto signals are shared with a delay of 20 minutes and presented to you to demonstrate the accuracy of the model.

How does HafizeBot cover the resulting costs and what is its revenue model?

HafizeBot shares these signals to VIP members without delay. VIP members can take advantage of the automatic trading facility offered by HafizeBot and trade automatically without having to follow the signals. HafizeBot generates income from its VIP members with a monthly subscription model. HafizeBot is the official Binance Broker program partner so it earns a small commission on trades made through Binance. Thus, the goal of the HafizeBot team is to provide you with a high-accuracy bot and make you win.


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