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What is Initial Exchange Offering ?

Project owners who want to create a cryptocurrency project may sometimes need financial support for the development of the project. With the IEO, the project owners meet the financial support they need and provide a fund for the development of the project. Users can also own the projects they want to invest in with IEO and can trade the relevant project after the IEO.

What is the Difference Between IEO and ICO?

IEOs take place via centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms. ICO, on the other hand, is carried out by the project developers. The project, whose IEO has taken place, is listed on a centralized cryptocurrency trading platform. The project with the ICO does not have to be listed on a trading platform.

What are the Advantages of IEO (Initial Exchange Offering)?

Projects for which IEO is carried out are reviewed by centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms. Projects that pass certain filters are listed where applicable. This may be seen as important by some users in terms of emphasizing the reliability of the project whose IEO was held.

What Are the Disadvantages of IEO?

There may be cases where the project, whose IEO is made, cannot fulfill the promises made to the users in the future. This situation may reduce the value of the relevant project and cause the investing users to be adversely affected.


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