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What is Initial DEX Offering ?

IDO refers to the use of decentralized cryptocurrency trading platforms to fund a new cryptocurrency project. No special permissions are required to take part in IDO. All users can join IDO. IDOs are made by project producers. The value of a project during IDO is determined by the project developers.

What are the Features of IDO?

IDOs are performed on decentralized trading platforms (DEX - Decentralized Exchange). The initiation of an IDO is organized by the project owners. With IDO, investors who have crypto assets belonging to that project can quickly buy and sell after IDO. Project producers can also develop their projects in a short time thanks to the funds they have created for their projects with IDO.

What is the Difference Between IDO and IEO & ICO?

The main difference between IDO and IEO is the structure of the platform from which funds are collected. IDO is done on decentralized platforms while IEO is done on centralized cryptocurrency trading platforms. Project owners can access the funds created with IDO very quickly. This situation can accelerate the development time of the projects.

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