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What is DApp (Decentralized Applications) ?

DApp is a decentralized set of applications and systems. DApps use blockchain technology. Applications work with a peer-to-peer network system. DApps do not have a mechanism to control the network. It cannot be controlled by a central authority. Data control is entirely with users. Since DApps are decentralized, no outside intervention can be made. In this way, the safety of the users is always at the forefront.

DApps are not limited to mobile applications only. There are also DApps in the form of web browsers and video games. DApps can provide users with some conveniences in daily life with their features. Some DApps; It has functions such as buying and selling insurance, hiring computer power, creating a market for freelancers.

DApp Technology

DApps use blockchain technology. No third party is involved in all transactions on DApps. There is no central server. Applications work with a peer-to-peer network system. There is no central control over the network. DApps use open source code. All transactions can be viewed by anyone. DApp is an emerging technology on the blockchain.

What Does the DApp Provide?

Thanks to its decentralization, DApps are closed to all outside interference. It cannot be censored by any authority. It cannot be stopped by external factors. Downtime of DApps only happens with technical problems experienced by users. DApps keep running all the time. The absence of a central server results in complete control of data in the hands of users. With the use of open source code, it ensures that all records are open to users with the blockchain.

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