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What is Crypto Bot?

Crypto Bots; In its simplest definition, it is software that analyzes the best strategies on behalf of investors and automatically performs buy/sell transactions within the most optimum conditions without the need for manual intervention. Also known as trading bot, trading bot. The use of bots is also common in financial markets and various exchanges. The use of bots in transactions on crypto exchanges has also started to become common.

Using Crypto Bots

The purpose of use of crypto bots is to enable investors to trade with less effort by spending less time in the world of cryptocurrencies and exchanges, thus saving time and providing the convenience of spending more time on their private life. In addition, manual order entry requires intensive market monitoring and is more troublesome. Manual trading always takes more time and causes the investor to spend more time on the market at the beginning of the market, especially when volatility, that is, price fluctuations, is high. In such cases, great care is required when performing market analysis. Indicators (indicators) to be used should be chosen correctly and interpreted with correct analysis. Trade transactions are carried out within the scope of the risks and expectations to be taken. Whereas; The bot software to be used analyzes all these on behalf of the investor, makes algorithmic calculations in the evaluation of the buy / sell signals and gives the investor the opportunity to trade at the point where the optimum market conditions are determined. In short, crypto bots; We can define it as computer software that realizes buy/sell opportunities at the right time in order to keep the profitability at the highest level according to the conditions predetermined by the investor. Bots will be determined by the investor in this whole process; It performs automatic transactions as soon as it finds the most profitable buy/sell signals according to factors such as time, volume, price and order.

However, trading only through bots may not always mean achieving the most profitable trading level. The bot adjusted to certain market conditions may need human intervention if current conditions change. Constantly changing market conditions may require updating the bot's strategy parameters.

Bots are generally effective on short positions for short-term traders and traders. For investors who see the purchased crypto asset as a value investment and want to hold it for a long time (hold), trading with bots may not always offer the maximum level of trading opportunity.

Types of Bots

Crypto bots are divided into types according to their intended use and strategies. The most well-known of these are 'arbitrage bots'. And also ; There are bots that trade according to the trend, bots that make the market, bots with coin borrowing, and artificial intelligence supported automation bots.

  • Arbitrage bots allow to buy an asset in the cheap market and sell the same asset for a higher amount in another market. It has determined the price difference that may occur between the markets as a profit strategy.

  • Trending bots try to gain profitability by analyzing instantaneous fluctuations in the current crypto asset.

  • Market making bots These are the bots that create multiple buy/sell orders in order to make a quick profit and that determine the trading ends of the price of the commodity. Orders realized within the difference of scissors provide profitability.

  • Coin borrowing bots are bots that are effective in futures transactions, determining the maturity rate of crypto assets and borrowing crypto assets.

  • Artificial intelligence supported automation bots try to gain profitability by analyzing instant fluctuations by creating signals with artificial intelligence learning with various strategies.

@hafizebot is a last type of trading bot. If you want to meet the artificial intelligence supported automation bot @hafizebot, you can use a demo account and instantly examine the signals sent to the VIP group. During this time, you can review the success rates of the signals in the past and the settings you can use in the guides section of telegram.

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