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Movies and Series with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin has become a subculture that has been discussed in many areas and has been in the back of the mind of almost everyone in the world. It is possible to find traces of Bitcoin in many subjects from art to finance, from mathematics to philosophy. Bitcoin has also made a place for itself in the cultural field, and has also been the subject of many movies and TV series.

Billions (2016)

The Billions series left behind 6 seasons and 7 years with an investment company at its center, its owner and the city's lawyers consisting of prosecutors and lawyers. The main character of the series, Bobby Axelrod, the owner of the investment company, made some of his payments in cryptocurrencies and received the profits from different subsidiaries through cryptocurrencies in the series, where we saw many times the subject of Bitcoin mining.

The mention of Bitcoin in a mainstream production of Bitcoin mining, moreover, the subject mentioned by the miner in the dialogue made many cryptocurrency users, especially Bitcoin users, happy.

In the scene where Chuck Rhoades, a prosecutor in New York City, questions a Bitcoin miner in the series, "So a lot of computers and servers can solve some abstract mathematical equations that result in Bitcoin mining, and it's worth millions right now? Wow! But what is Bitcoin backed by, what is it indexed to? Nothing, zero. “he says.

The Bitcoin miner said, "What has the dollar been supported by since we left the gold standard?" answers, asking one of the questions that might be asked against this widely used argument.

Surprisingly, this series, in which Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies were discussed in some parts, was included in our list, especially with a dialogue.

Decrypted (2021)

Decrypted, directed by Tom Sands, is a comedy film that tells the story of a group that goes after Satoshi Nakamoto. In the movie, the NSA, the national security agency, enlists a team of black comic agents to find Satasho Nakamoto.

Dope (2015)

Dope is a comedy and drama film directed by Rick Famuyiwa. The protagonist of the movie, Malcolm, is an idealist who aims to enter Harvard University. The plot of the movie is about Malcolm's life changing after a party he attends from Los Angeles.

Crypto Stew (2019)

Crypto Stew is a short film directed by Sean Russell Herman. The film tells the story of Stew Johnson, who describes himself as a Bitcoin miner, and filmmaker Colby Peters, whom he hired to make his own movie. The plot of the movie is based on Colby realizing that Stew actually knows nothing about Bitcoin mining.

Finding Satoshi Nakamoto (2015)

Written and directed by Mike Anzel, the short film Finding Satoshi Nakamoto, aka Finding Satoshi Nakamoto, is about two journalists set in New York who think they have found Satoshi Nakamoto. What they can't really find is intriguing throughout the movie.

Crypto vs. Metals (2017)

Crypto vs Metals is an animated mini-series. The subject of the series is based on the search for an alternative financial system by addressing the problems of the traditional financial system.


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