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Bot Commands of @hafizebot

Bot Commands

Activate - Activates the API, the bot opens a position when signals are received.

Deactivate - Deactivates the API, the bot does not open a position when signals are received.

/setPositionSide - allows you to specify the side to open the position, for example by "/setPositionSide LONGONLY" you will set the bot to only enter long signals, with "/setPositionSide SHORTONLY" you can set only short signals to enter, both long/short signals with "/setPositionSide BOTH".

/myPositionSide - shows the currently set position side.

/setPositionLimit - command used to set the maximum number of positions to open. For example, by typing "/setPositionLimit 2" you set the bot to enter signals up to a maximum of 2 open positions. Note: it will input repeat signals coming in the same symbols, only different incoming symbols will not open. Your open positions other than bots will also be counted.

/myPositionLimit - displays the currently set position limit.

/setStoploss – Allows you to set a stoploss. You can enter values ​​between 0 and 100. 0 stoploss does not open the stop order. Positive integers entered are percentage values without leverage. You must enter 5 for the 5% value. Example: If you set 5 with 10X leverage, it means %50 stoploss.

/myStoploss – Shows the stoploss you set. If it is 0, stoploss will not open the stop order.

/setRisk - determines at what risk the bot will enter the signals. For example, using "/setRisk 2" will enter signals with signal strength of 2 or higher.

/myRisk - shows your currently set risk.

/setPositionSize - determines what size the bot will open positions. For example, when using "/setPositionSize 10", the bot will open a 10USDT transaction on signals.

/myPositionSize - displays your currently set position size.

/setLeverage – Allows you to set leverage.

/myLeverage - Shows the current leverage

/banCoin – Allows you to ban coins.

/unbanCoin – Allows you to unban a banned coin.

/banlist – returns all banned coins.

/allowRepeatingSignals – It is the command that sets whether you should re-enter repeating signals from the same coin (Even if this setting is on, it will not add positions unless there is a 3% difference in repeating signals)

/summary - It summarizes all your settings in one message.

Our bot commands may be updated, to reach the most up-to-date version, write guides to @hafizebot via Telegram and download bot commands.

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